Glass Storefront Doors

MS Adams Rite Hookbolt

Adams Rite Hookbolt

SE Lock and Key, LLC has decades of experience in rekeying, servicing, repairing, and upgrading narrow stile glass storefront doors.

This is the most common style of bolt on narrow stile doors

MS Adams Rite Deadlock

Adams Rite Narrow Stile Deadlock

In most applications we can upgrade the short throw deadbolt that comes pre-installed on many double doors installations with a heavier duty long throw deadbolt with some strike and frame modification. The longer throw deadbolt will further secure the door against crowbar and prybar attacks. 

Used in combination with a reinforcing plate on the strike side (or inactive door) will virtually guarantee the door will have to be mangled beyond recognition to be forced open.

Keedex Cylinder Guards

Keedex Cylinder Guard

We can install cylinder guards for your glass storefront doors. This inexpensive and unnoticeable upgrade can be done to most doors and increases the resistance to forced entry. 

Used in conjunction with the long throw deadlock, upgraded door and strike area plates, and high security locks you can increase your forced entry protection tremendously.

Armor Plates

Keedex Armor Plate

Most doors sold and installed today are aluminum. Using these plates from Keedex you can increase the resistance to forced entry. 

The Keedex K-15 Double Door Style Guard is perfect for double door installations

The Keedex K-20 Offset Style Guard is used on many single door applications.

Security Guide and Bolt


The K-17 Security Guide and Bolt is for the inactive leaf of your double doors (the side without the key lock on it) concealed throw bolts at the top and bottom. These must be secured well to prevent excessive door slack, and the plastic ones included on the doors and with new flush bolts crack easily. Sometimes door will have to be removed for installation upgrade.

Glass Doors are our Specialty!

Storefront doors

Any of these installations are best left to an experienced technician of glass door work. 

Give us a call to today to come out and perform a site survey to see if any of the products on this page can be installed on your doors. 

Sometimes custom cutting and reforming may have to take place to the door, frame, and plates, and SE Lock and Key, LLC has always been capable of handling everything from simple upgrades to extremely difficult issues when needed.


When doors need to be lifted or removed we contract out the work to companies that have been used by SE Lock and Key, for many years and are well trusted to do a complete, and accurate job


Our opinion- Why can't door manufacturers,for a few dollars more during manufacture, make doors stronger at critical points such as the lock areas?

Narrow Stile MS1850 PDF (pdf)