Marks Door Hardware

Marks Survivor Series Cylindrical Lever Handles

Designed for use in situations where durability is the deciding factor. Our cylindrical lock chassis are all constructed with cast retractors on bronze roller bearings. This strong, durable component gives our cylindrical sets the ability to last millions of cycles and is available in knob and lever sets.

The Marks USA Survivor leverset has a unique "clutch" mechanism that radically reduces the wear and abuse that typical cylindrical lever sets endure. When locked, the levers of the Survivor disengage from the retractor and other interior mechanisms of the lock. The levers of the Survivor swing freely , without resistance. This reduces the amount of wear on lock components and eliminates "lever droop".

The use of a clutch results in longer lasting, lower maintenance, eloquent solution.

Available in Passage, Privacy, Entrance, Storeroom, and Classrom functions. 

Special order only.

Marks Survivor Lever Handle

Marks Survivor Lever Handle

M9900 Exit Devices

M9900 Exit Devices

 Marks USA M9900 Series Exit Devices present a simple, heavy-duty, easily installed solution where high quality panic and fire listed hardware is needed. Used for high impact applications such as schools, universities and other institutional or commercial buildings, the patented M9900 Series exit devices are available with trim options. 

Marks M9900 Exit Device

Marks M9900 Exit Device

Marks M9900 Exit Device Trim Options

M8800 Narrow Stile Exit Devices

 Similar to the M9900, The 8800 Series rim exit device is heavy-duty panic hardware for use on all types of narrow stile single and double doors with mullions. It includes Panic Protector endcaps and is designed for both easy mounting and reliability, backed by the Marks Lifetime Warranty.

Marks M8800 Panic Device

Marks M8800 Panic Device

Ornamental Iron (Burglar Bar Doors)

22 Series

Marks 22 Series

The 22 Series is the most common one 

found on security doors!

We Sell the Complete Lock and Replacement Handles


There are two different measurements of faceplates with these so you have to measure to old faceplate or the cavity where the mortise is in the door itself if you are missing the lock

21 Series

Marks 21 Series

Same as 22 Series but with the full brass trim plates

2750 Series

Marks 2750 Profile Cylinder Lock

Uses a profile Cylinder

Deadbolt and Deadlatch Bolts

Marks Deadbolts

Deadbolts and Deadlatch Bolts

Marks USA manufactures a versatile series of Grade 1 Deadlatches and Deadbolts which install easily and accept most other manufactures conventional, high security and IC Core cylinders.

* Deadbolt: ANSI 156.5 GRADE 1 (UL Fire Ratings not applicable)

* Deadlatch: ANSI 156.2 GRADE 1, UL Fire Rated 3 hours

* Accepts Medeco, Kaba, Multilock, ASSA and other high security cylinders

* IC core models for "Best" size cores

* Accepts most manufactures conventional cylinders

* Tapered cylinder collars prevent (break in attempts by) wrenching

* Steel shutter system eliminates access to mounting screws when door is locked.

The deadbolts are commonly found on residential iron "burglar" bar doors. The narrow/flat edged deadbolt latch fits in the thin metal doors.

Special Order only

Marks Deadbolts

Marks Deadbolts

Marks Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks

Marks USA has been making mortise locks for over 30 years. From their introduction, our mortise locks have enjoyed a reputation for long life and their ability to excel in high traffic, high abuse areas. Marks USA mortise locks are engineered to provide years of maintenance-free performance. Our Nova Series Mortise Locks exceed 6 million cycles of continuous use.

* Meets ANSI GRADE 1 specification: ANSI-A156.13 more info...

* Underwriters Laboratories 3-Hour Fire Rating 

* BHMA Certified more info...

* Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

* Available in 2-1/2" and 2-3/4" backset

* Stainless Steel Bolts, Latches, Independent Lever Support Springs (on lever sets)

* Made in our plant in Amityville, New York, USA

Marks Mortise Lock

Marks Mortise Lock

Life Safety

Institutional Grade Locksets

Marks USA Custom Lock Division has developed ANSI Grade 1 , UL Listed Institutional Life Safety Locksets to address Managed Liability, Accident Prevention, Life Safety, and Security in Behavioral Health Care Institutions. The shape and construction of the SS50 Series Locksets are designed to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc. to door knobs. In addition, with the knobs recessed into the rosettes, the chance of capturing a line between the knob and rosette is substantially eliminated.

Perfect for prisons, psychiatric areas, etc. 

Special Order locks

Marks Institutional Locks

Marks Institutional Locks