Corbin Russwin Door Hardware


ED8000 Panic Device

ED8000 Panic Device

Thats it ^^

It is simply, a great exit device. It has been around for a long time so is time tested. 

You may use any keyway rim cylinder with this device or a lever handle trim which is commonly available with the Russwin D1 Keyway

ED8000 Wingpull Trim

ED8000 Panic Device Wingpull trim

Wingpull Trim Used on Corbin Russwin ED8000 Panic Devices

Useful on doors where very little access from outside is needed, more vandal resistant than lever handles. Storeroom style function: Key cylinder directly retracts latch and returns to locked position when removed. Panic device can be dogged down from inside with 3/16" allen wrench dogging key

Any Rim Cylinder with rigid tailpiece will work with this wingpull trim and panic device so you can use it for any application

Note: Will not meet accessibility  guidelines for active doors so this trim should only be considered for "exit only" type doors

ED8000 Lever Hande Trim

ED8000 Panic Device Lever Trim

Lever Handle Trim used with Corbin Russwin ED8000 Panic Devices


Storeroom: Always Locked Requires Key to Open from Outside Every Time unless Device is dogged down by Allen wrench inside. Lever always rigid

Classroom Function: Key Unlocks and Locks Lever Trim allowing lever to retract latch and open door when in unlocked position or locking lever trim rigid locking door