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Below is an example of a Heavy Duty Schlage Deadlatch Lock with a ASSA High Security Core we installed on a Pool Gate for a neighborhood Clubhouse Pool Entrance.

With this lock installed on a gate that has self closing hinges, you can be assured only key holding individuals will be able to gain access to the pool. The High Security Lock Cylinder and Keys assures that you do not have to fear key holders going to get keys duplicated to give to friends and family. Keys are strictly restricted, and will not be made for anyone not authorized to have the keys made. The ASSA keys we use cannot be duplicated by ANY other locksmith companies in our geographical area.

This fence example was prepped by a Ironworker prior to our arrival, with the 2 3/8" Backset Weldable Gate Box with a 2 1/8" Hole. (Also could have been a 1 5/8" hole) It also had the "Chicken Wire" attached around the gate area to protect from reaching in to unlock the lock.

Some also cut a short section of 3" Iron Pipe and weld it onto the inside, which would effectively protect the interior thumbturn, this example fence did not actually need it.

Some people want these to be keyed on the inside also, so people cannot reach around and unlock the gate, however this is against fire code and will not be done.
Persons MUST have free egress (leaving) any occupied area, including a pool.

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